Remembering Steve Larsen

Join us in offering a remembrance of Steve Larsen, who passed away at the age of 39 on May 19, 2009. Steve was a loving family man, loyal

friend, and world-class athlete who inspired everyone he met. Please contribute photos and text to this website. We hope this site will become a lasting and positive refuge for Steve's family and friends.

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Always remeber him as the guy to watch on the bike. If he built up a big enough lead that was it, race over. It was with great sadness that I learned of his death. Please know that Carrie and the kids are in my prayers as well as my church's. Be strong, Carrie and know that alot of people are praying for you and your family.
Davis - May 24, 2009
What is the best way to meet the loss of the one we love?By knowing that when we truly love it is never lost. It is only after death that the death of a love one is truly felt, and our love one becomes more a part of us than was possible in life.

Are wewe only able to feel this towards those we have known and loved a long time?

Sometimes a stranger known to us for moments, can spark our souls to kinship for eternity.

How can strangers take on such importance to our souls?

Because our soul does not just keep track of time.
It records growth.
Lewis E McCorvey - May 24, 2009
I first met Steve in the early 90's he was just a kid on the US National Team. He was a fierce competitor and a gentleman. Steve and I continued to cross paths over the years as I would see him at mountain biking events, then XTERRA and Ironman races. I just saw him at XTERRA Lake Las Vegas! I yelled "Go Steve-O" at him on the run.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. I will miss Steve!

Rich Cruse
Rich Cruse - May 24, 2009
We will always remember you.
Rembert - May 24, 2009
My memory of Steve was LP 2001.

My wife and I and another couple decided to watch the pro cyclists coming back into Lake Placid on the first loop. We planned to have breakfast at one of the small restaurants that border the course then after breakfast we would sit outside and watch them go by.

So much for our timing...

Well, the waitress had just brought out the food when we heard the sound of the approaching helicopter and lead motorcycle, we ran outside just in time to see him FLY by, I then remember walking out onto the empty road looking to see the rest of the field, I looked...and looked...nada, no one.

We went back in to the restaurant and I swear we finished our meal before the #2 pro cyclist went by.

Ron W.
Ron Weiss - May 24, 2009
Your friendship and encouragement over the years will never be forgotten.
Chad DeMasi - May 24, 2009
Our thoughts & prayers go to Carrie, the children, Arlen & Elsa, Mike, & Connie. What a terrible loss.

John & Ronda
John Patella - May 24, 2009
Steve was a renaissance cyclist- superlative at any aspect he applied himself to (MTB, road, cyclocross, triathlon, and some I'm sure I haven't heard about). He was and is an inspiration to all of us who love to compete, but will never be near that level of excellence. Godspeed, Steve, and our prayers are with you and your family.
Tommy Rodgers - May 24, 2009
Respect Champion..
Repose en Paix..
Olivier FLEUROT - May 24, 2009
Steve regularly participated in my recreation playground programs when he was growing up in elementary school and was one of the first boys to play the "Prince" role in the Davis Children's Nutcracker that I created and directed.

The Prince in the blue coat with a crown is Steve Larsen in 1980.

Best of all is the newspaper photo of Steve that accompanied the Enterprise article about the 1980 Nutcracker.
Bob Bowen - May 23, 2009
I will never forget Steve blowing my doors off on the epic MTB climb in coastal San Diego area. I was leading my class, feeling so great abut myself and Steve promptly put me in my place. I could feel the breeze as he passed me up this huge grade. He gave me a gift that day. He made it clear to me that cycling would forever be just a hobby for me and, at the finish line he couldn't have been nicer offering me advice and a few laughs. I am so appreciative of having had the chance to meet Steve and feel his loss greatly. Our thoughts are with all of Steve's loved ones.
Eric Charnholm - May 23, 2009
Kid on a Bike: Ode to Stevie L.

On the cusp of body's heat,
Frenetic feet circling to
Quivered horizons bent

Shorn twirls whirled and flew
To counted thumping
Still silent grew the night

Crowding thoughts multiply
To sweetly defy climbing like
Single-tracked flowers in red and blue

Kid on a bike
Along miles of aisles
A fight olden made shiny and new

Now quietude crumbles and falls as
Wheels spin and spin and
Still goes the kid on a bike.
Scott Tinley - May 23, 2009
Ride on.
Neil Michel - May 23, 2009
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